I fancy my next door neighbour

Published: 23rd April 2009
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I fancy my next door neighbour. This is only happened in the last few weeks, I'm unsure has to why this as suddenly happened as we have been neighbours for nearly 2 years now. It may be the fact that she is now single, having split up from her long term partner, and I am seeing her in a different light. We have always been friendly, and the odd flirting comments have been made over the previous months, but nothing serious I've took it as just a bit of flirting fun from the both of us.

But for the past week or so it seems she is flirting with me a bit more. It started one day when I was getting my washing in. It was raining outside so I had to rush out, only wearing a pair of pants with no top on. She was standing in her conservatory with the door open having a cigarette, and she gave me a whistle. The type you get from a man on a building site when he is flirting with the lady walking past. I pretended not to hear it and quickly went back in as I was surprised and didn't know what to do.

The next day I seen her, she gave me a smile and said did I not hear her whistle. I replied no. You looked sexy when you were wet, she said in a flirting way. We were chatting for a while before I left; her flirting was becoming a bit too much for me.

She is a very attractive women and 7 years my senior. I am single but don't know whether to take her up on her flirting advances. As I don't know whether she is doing this on the rebound and feeling a little bit lonely from her previous relationship. Although I am attracted to her and flattered by the flirting, I do not want to get hurt like I have been in the past.

My previous relationship started off something similar. My ex girlfriend broke up with her partner and the flirting started between us. A couple of weeks later we were in a relationship, but this only lasted a few months. Then I found out she was having an affair with her previous boyfriend. I was devastated by this, we had a long discussion and she told me basically that she was on the rebound, she still loved her ex boyfriend and they were going to make another go at it.

Now me and my neighbour are coming from a similar situation as before. Her having not long come out from a relationship, for me to not get hurt again I will have to decline her flirting ways.

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